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Accounting services you can depend on

  • Tax planning

  • Organization bookkeeping

  • Payroll management

  • Cash flow management

  • Forecast and budget

Your own chief financial officer... on as-needed basis!

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We obtain the financial information you need to measure company success, meet government requirements, and gather infomation to use in making management decisions.


We perform analyses to find profitable directions and eliminate unprofitable ones.


We handle company finances to maximize profits and maintain liquidity and financial stability, with or without increased sales.


We protect company assets.


We plan financially to achieve company and personal goals, including non-financial company goals such as having the best place to work or offering the best quality products, and owner goals such as security, retirement, or leisure activities.


We prepare financially for unknown developments such as new technology, new or improved competition, changes in customer needs, shifts in the economy, or changes in legislation. This includes planning for the continued life of the company.


As business financial managers and accountants, we understand not only your business, but also the industry in which you operate.

  • Cost accounting

  • Obtaining / monitoring insurance

  • Planning policies, controls & procedures

  • Exercising internal control

  • Prepare depreciation schedules

  • Bookkeeping and Transactional entry

  • Reconcile your bank accounts, Credit Cards, Notes

  • Generate financial statements

  • Enter closing entries

Meet with Clients - Financial Statements

We stay involved with our clients throughout the year, allowing us to identify potential problem areas long before it’s time to file tax returns. Payroll services include:

  • Payroll Withholdings

  • Tax Deposits

  • W-2 Preparation & Filing

  • Quarterly and Annual Filings